In my professional life I am a UX Designer at Microsoft (supporting the Azure management portal) and I have the opportunity to work with a large talented team of awesome designers. In my spare time I am also something of a JavaScript hobbyist. Something I feel comfortable doing is opening up a browser’s web developer tools and digging into our site’s code. Sometimes this is helpful to see exactly what CSS got shipped, or to pull SVG icons out to use offline.

Many people I work with, though, are not comfortable digging around in a web page’s guts (in my…

As of Firefox’s most recent release in early May, all major browsers now support ES6 Modules natively! Never having used Modules extensively, I began some simple tests to get started… and immediately ran into issues. It seems like a lot of random literature out there around Modules is actually about how products like Webpack or Babel use Modules, and there are subtle and crucial differences compared to how it’s been implemented in native JavaScript.

Here are the issues I ran into, and how I solved them. Hopefully this article will save somebody a bunch of time :-)

Blocked by CORS

Firefox and Edge…

Typeface Design: Online!

Way back in 2010 I started to have an interest in creating my own font. After a little investigation I discovered that there was no free / open source typeface designer for Windows. FontForge, at the time, was Linux only… and all the other options were quite expensive. Since that time FontForge is now available on all platforms — if you are looking for an advanced typeface designer that is free and open source, I whole-heartedly recommend it!

2010 was also around the time that HTML5 Canvas started to become (somewhat) available. Since I couldn’t find an affordable typeface design…

Adobe XD just hit v1.0, so now seems like a good time to share some of our experiences. Over the past two months here at Microsoft, a set of Designers and Program Managers on our product team have been using Adobe XD to design a new large feature for the Microsoft Azure Portal. Even as a Beta, Adobe XD has been gaining features at a rapid pace. At this point, in my opinion, it is ready to be used as our primary design tool.

What we need from interaction design software

In recent years, it seems like there have been a lot of new design and prototyping…

Matt LaGrandeur

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